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Why are my Questions Amazing ?

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Friday 2 November 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

Your questions may surprise your parents. Indeed, sometimes, you give to your parents answers to their indecision. But how come you already know how to do that ? Well, because you’ve already done the hardest thing while learning to talk and to walk. Indeed, you have tried to speak or to walk, so you have tested. And then you thought about whether to say you were misunderstood or to do something better. So your mind has awaken a hypothesis, better than a computer, to learn to talk or to walk. It’s called scientific thinking, the only thing robots can’t do. You learn better than a computer, because you use scientific thinking to learn how to talk and to walk. So only the scientific professions will be important in the future. So your parents’ profession can change. Indeed, to find new hypotheses, we must practice on society’s limits, in order to grow the machines, the tools.

My Notes

Read a book on Plato on wikibooks, the one that created scientific thinking.