Why can Some Own Many ?

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Friday 2 November 2018, by Matthieu Giroux

Do you know that industries make a lot of toys at the same time? Some children have a lot of toys because the industries make a lot of them. An industry creates the same toy serially in different ways. Series are same toys made primarily with machines. Machines are large tools, mechanisms that each create one or more parts of the toy. There is a small labor’s intervention, those who work in industries, to complete the machines’ work.

Industries need to be protected, because engaging to make toys in series takes a long time. As some people say, time is money. With money you can buy toys. But the one who has a lot of money is not forced to create an industry, especially if he uses the money for himself. Indeed, many believe that it is a matter of thinking about himself, while thinking about others allows a better growth. But growth brings happiness. Growth also allows us to participate creating industries.

So if you don’t protect your industries, you may not be able to buy toys, food, tools. Otherwise we can discover toys that carry us on beautiful journeys.

If we have too many toys, they lose value. Indeed, if we are spoiled with toys, we know that we can have them whenever we want. We don’t necessarily want to play anymore, because we don’t get impatient to play anymore. So toys lose value when there are too many.

Also some rare toys, which we’ve heard about ads, are wanted by yourself if you haven’t tried them out. The known rarity gives value to a toy. The ad is trying to make you thinking your toy is rare, which is not true. To see this requires visiting an industry.

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Ask to visit an industry.

Matthieu Giroux

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