How Are We Here ?

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Sunday 16 September 2018, by Matthieu Giroux

There is a long story behind our society. At first, we were animals, monkeys. Then, in Africa, many human species are born. A species are individuals that can easily reproduce with each other. Our human species has mastered the tides and the fire, then it has colonized Africa. They found other human species, such as Neanderthal and Homo Erectus. Some, like curious Chinese, have married a lot with them. They have acquired a beautiful mankind’s heritage.

But the fire only allowed to keep the food for a long time. The gathering helped to create the first villages. Then the crop made it possible to reuse the seeds, whose makes the plants grow. Then water power, irrigation, allowed to produce even more food. We then created large cities.

Then the invention of the wheel made it possible to solve a little the problems of remoteness, which prevented the trade, then allowing to create crafts. Crafts started to create factories, using manual machines.

Then we built the first dam, in order to have more water to produce. Then we created the first channels, artificial rivers, to communicate more easily for the trade.

Then we mastered the sun with the windmills, allowing to eat a better flour of bread, when there was wind. We have therefore regularly gained in quality of life.

Then coal power, unused until then, made it possible to create the first trains, preventing from traffic by their easy access. Then the gasoline engine, which makes it possible to tow the cars in 2017, has made it possible to create major works, large dams and very long and very wide canals. We still produced more. There is still a need to create channels and trains in Africa and South America on 2018.

Lately we break the tiny, whose is not visible, that is the atom. We thought we could not break the atoms, but we can break some. We can even fuse atoms. This is called nuclear. Nuclear power is not used to its full potential on 2018. In fact, thorium atom could make it possible to green the deserts and to colonize the sea, by desalting sea water. Indeed, we can not drink sea water because of the salt.

My Notes

Read accessible books on the energy’s history or great works.

Matthieu Giroux

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