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Growth Story

Creative Common by SA License
Thursday 6 September 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

I will tell you how the growth takes place. First of all, there is a moment when few have everything. So people is more and more aware of the deception. Only those whom own hide their bet, more and more difficultly. Those whom own fear the most creative people because they want the others’ growth in general, because growth requires changing. But those whom are not creative do not like changing. But if the creative ones disappear, it’s the end of a country, because the creatives allow a country to grow. So creatives end up convincing others to become creative. Then the change to grow can take place. If growth does not return, those who have a little need to leave the country, whom they have in fact already done for a long time.

At the beginning of the monetary broth, the politicized creatives, called resistant, are five percent, then there is a boom when they convince to grow the country. When the public currency is put in place, allowing to grow the country, many become creative and happy.

My Notes

Would you like to grow to stay creative?